ANNOUNCEMENT: The Spring 2021 ASF Scholarships have been announced! The ASF Vision Award ($3,000) will be given as a half-tuition scholarship to new students, and the ASF Support Scholarship ($750) will be given to as many students as possible who have postponed enrollment because of financial difficulties.

Our mission at Dallas Theological Seminary is to glorify God by equipping godly servant-leaders for the proclamation of His Word and the building up of the body of Christ worldwide. The Alumni Scholarship Fund is our newest effort to do just that.

The ASF is the first completely alumni-funded scholarship and was started to help students endure the financial difficulties of Seminary. Our generous alumni are helping students overcome the same difficulties that they faced, as one generation helping another. Most students say that a $500 scholarship significantly helps them stay the course to complete their degree.

Just the Beginning

Chancellor, Dr. Mark Bailey, launched the ASF in the Spring of 2020 as one of his last initiatives as president. To date, the ASF has raised $1.55 million pledged over five years, nearly one-third of the way to the goal of $5 million.

Why did you join the ASF?

“Simple answer to your question. I am a graduate of DTS in the ThD program and am thankful for my Dallas education and the ongoing educational ministry of the Seminary.”

– Bill, ThD ’83

“I joined the Alumni Campaign because it seemed like a great opportunity to make a strategic difference for the Kingdom.”

– Timothy, MACE ’14

“I was motivated by my love and appreciation for all that I have received from DTS over the years of studying there. The professors and staff inspire me… As a nonprofit director myself, I recognize the backbone of an organization’s support often is the monthly donors.”

– David, DMin ’20

With $5 million, DTS can provide a significant number of scholarships to students to complete their degree program. $5 million would provide extra help to hundreds of students, giving them the financial encouragement they need to complete their degree.

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Your commitment will impact the lives of students for years to come because you have provided the means for them to continue with their seminary education. I wanted to share a few notes of gratitude we have received from students that show just how meaningful a scholarship has been in their lives: “Thank you for following God’s direction. Thank you for seeing the importance of Christians growing in their understanding of God and His Word. Thank you for trusting DTS and me to use your donation to glorify God to the best of our abilities. Thank you for partnering with me in what Christ has called me toward.” – Lindsay “It is through this program that I believe that I will be able to follow God’s call for my life, to love people well and to share the gospel with the lost.” – Zachary “The scholarship award you generously and graciously provided not only is helping me pay tuition without going into debt but has greatly boosted my confidence in God’s plan for my life.” – Linda I hope you are encouraged to know that your gift will be used to bless and equip the next generation of godly servant-leaders. They have followed in your footsteps by studying God’s Word at DTS, and they will ultimately follow your example by taking the gospel to a world in need. Please join us in praying for God to move others to participate in this Alumni Campaign, and please encourage your fellow DTS alumni to follow your example in giving back. Thank you, Dr. Mark M. Yarbrough President