Help DTS tackle our three big initiatives to impact the world for Christ in 2020

Three huge tasks face Dallas Theological Seminary in 2020 and beyond. All three initiatives will have an impact on our world because they involve reaching the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ. These initiatives to share the truth of the gospel can affect the church, the society, the souls of people all around you, and the next generation.

FIRST, we are committed to biblical teaching. That means we do not compromise on biblical beliefs. DTS trains students in all 66 books of the inerrant, infallible Bible—from Genesis to Revelation.

SECOND, we are committed to creating strategic partnerships in order to vastly multiply DTS’s impact and teach biblical truth to more people. We will network with churches across America and the world to train more leaders with biblical conviction.

THIRD, we are committed to reaching beyond the borders of our country, with the goal of forging teaching partnerships and sending DTS graduates to the “ends of the earth.”

There’s no way DTS can do this without your financial support.

Please help DTS with a year-end gift right now, as we close 2019 with these three tasks ahead. Your gift, given by midnight (CST) on December 31, will help us end this year on budget, ready for 2020 and the future.

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