Help More Christians Know the Bible

and train leaders who will help make that happen

What would the world look like if more Christians spent time in the Bible?

It would be a world turned upside down, like the days of the early church. It would be a world captivated by focused, obedient, loving, evangelizing, God-glorifying, on-fire Christians who pointed people to their Savior, Jesus Christ.

The world needs Christians who know the Bible and can defend what they believe. We have to take tried and true methods of Bible teaching and present them in new channels.

If we want to have an impact on our culture, we have to equip Christians with God’s Word and reach people right where they are. At DTS, we are doing this by making a DTS education available to students at our campuses, at our multiple extension sites, and online. We’re molding students into teachers, pastors, ministers, and evangelists who hold firm to the essential truths of Christianity as presented in the Bible.

We are also offering free online courses to people around the world. With these courses, anyone can study the Bible with DTS professors at his or her own pace, removing the barriers of time, money, and location.

We need the help of generous donors to continue these programs that reach people with the truth of the Bible.

Our fiscal year-end is June 30, and we have a goal of raising $1.7 million by that date. To help us reach this goal, a Challenge Gift of $300,000 has been given by generous donors.

Will you help us meet the Challenge Gift? Through your gift today you can partner with DTS to equip men and women with the truth of God’s Word!

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