International Families Care

Please help the international students moving to Dallas to attend DTS settle into comfortable homes with their families. Below is a list of items the families need, grouped by category. Click each category to expand it and view all items needed.

In addition, we are accepting cash donations to purchase brand-new mattresses and other household items for these students. Click here to donate to the international student ministry fund.

Household Items Needed (Grouped by Category)

Bedroom Items
Items NeededNumber of Items Needed
Bunk Bed 1
Full-Size Bed Frame 6
Full-Size Box Spring4
Full-Size Mattress5
Full-Size Platform Bed4
Large Dresser13
Medium Dresser8
Queen-Size Bed Frame6
Queen-Size Box Spring6
Queen-Size Mattress10
Queen-Size Platform Bed13
Small Dresser7
Twin-Size Bed Frame4
Twin-Size Box Spring3
Twin-Size Mattress7
Twin-Size Platform Bed3
Kitchen & Cleaning Items
Items NeededNumber of Items Needed
Floor Vacuum20
Large Food Blender3
Large Instapot7
Medium Food Blender13
Medium Instapot10
Rug Vacuum15
Small Food Blender2
Small Instapot6
Living Room & Dining Room Items
Items NeededNumber of Items Needed
Coffee Table18
Desk Chair26
Floor Lamp33
Four-Seater Dining Table & Chairs16
Love Seat12
Single Couch/Sofa15
Six-Seater Dining Table & Chairs2
Study Desk26
Table Lamp39
Three-Seater Couch/Sofa11