The world needs to hear the truth of God’s Word

How can they hear unless someone tells them?

Romans 10 reminds us that people cannot put their faith in Jesus for salvation unless they have heard about Him. And they cannot hear about Him unless someone tells them. And how can anyone go and tell them without being sent?

Dallas Theological Seminary exists to equip men and women to proclaim the Word of God and build up the body of Christ. DTS is committed to teaching the whole counsel of God—all 66 books of the Bible—to our students so that they are prepared to go into the world for ministry.

Whether it’s the farthest reaches of the globe, the house next door, or within their own homes, graduates of DTS are shining the light of the gospel and sharing the hope of Christ with others.

Will you partner with us in our mission to equip more men and women to proclaim the gospel to the world?

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